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8 Movies Like The Notebook Guaranteed To Make You Cry

The Notebook is a classic. A marvellously written classic. Nicholas Sparks is a widely acclaimed romance writer most readers are in love with. His books are so good many of them have been adapted into movies. One such book is The Notebook. I first watched this when I was about 14 or 15 and it stayed with me. It’s a stunning love story about two lovers who fight to stay together despite the world(mostly their families) telling them they don’t belong together. At some point, they’re separated but

The African Horoscope And Its 12 Astrological Signs

Although the ancient Babylonians supposedly ‘discovered’ astronomy in the 18th century. Africans had their own zodiac system long before that. Africa is an intensely rich, diverse and some would say mystical continent. It is old and it is beautiful. It is also home to a massive number of tribes with their own cultures and languages. So of course, Africa has always had its own horoscope and astrology. The African horoscope is based on the study of human characteristics, and it has been passed dow

What Is A Roast Beef Vagina?

The term “Roast Beef Vagina,” was first used by cruel and sexist individuals who believed they had the right to make remarks about women’s vaginas. Typically, a vulva with extended labia and the appearance of slices of roast beef is referred to as a “roast beef vagina.” The origin of the slang largely begins with the incel movement (a dangerous online subculture comprising men who identify as ‘involuntary celibates’ that regularly express deeply misogynistic views about women) in 2010. It was m

9 Places You Should Be Applying Sunscreen To Besides Your Face

If you are reading this, you’re probably already 100% aware of how important sunscreen is. What you may not know is that you need sunscreen on a lot of different parts of your body, not just your face. Sunscreen is as important as it is because it shields you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays make your skin age a lot faster than it should and UVB rays cause sunburns. Now I know most of you are thinking, ‘I’m black honey, this melanin don’t burn’. One, that is completely untrue and even if

100 Qualities Of A Good Man

I’m pretty sure I can guess what most of you thought when you saw the title of this article. It’s the same thing I thought when it was assigned to me- Are there good men? To answer this question in an unbiased way I had to pull myself away from the qualities I have associated most men with. I had to remove prejudice, past hurt, irritation, anger, bias and a whole lot more. After doing that I realised though extremely rare, there are good men out there. They are kind to any and everyone. They ar

Things I Won’t Be Doing Come 2023

I know the title seems pretty definitive but really what I meant was; what I will try (work hard as hell) to not do anymore. I don’t do new year’s resolutions. I don’t mock or diss them because I know it works for many people but I’m just not one of those people. Maybe I lack the discipline to commit or I just need a different way to focus but I don’t do it. Not anymore. Instead, I make goals, narrow them down then eventually find a way to turn them into routines. I also look at my life as a wh

My 60-Something-Year-Old Neighbour Is Always Alone For The Holidays, I Decided To Be His Secret Santa This Year

Victoria is a 22-year-old living in Toronto, Canada. By day she goes to school and every other free time she has, she spends it doing odd jobs to make as much money as she can, so she doesn’t have to be super dependent on her parents. The first year she moved to Canada she was lucky enough to get a deal for a house she has lived in ever since. That first year she noticed the old man next door was always alone so she decided to surprise him with a gift. Let me tell you about it. I moved to Cana

How To Handle The Holiday Blues

The festive season is usually a time of joy, laughter, gifting, kindness and gratitude. It’s a time people come together to show love and compassion to each other. Friends and family members that usually annoy and avoid each other find a way to put all their differences aside and be there for and with each other. Though this is the reality for some people, it’s the complete opposite for a select few. Not everyone has family to connect with at the end of the year. Not everyone thinks they have a

My Definition Of Self-Care And 21 Days Of It 😉

Though having been in existence years before, every year since about 2018 various people have found a million different ways to define self-care and what it means to them. They’ve expressed thoughts on mental health, called-out red flags that were largely ignored and told people to their faces that they were being shit-heads, if it needed to be said. In many ways it’s beautiful. I would say society has hated on itself long enough. It’s time for some love. It’s time for too much love. So yes, I’

23 Signs Your Ex Is Testing You And How You Can Deal With It

Sometimes relationships end and without much break to take things in, your ex is low-key back in the picture and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. It makes you start wondering if your ex is testing the waters to see if things can go back to how they were. It’s normal to feel anxious when you think your ex is testing you, especially if you have been dating for a long time. Are they trying to see how much you have changed? Are these signs your ex is trying to test your patience? You can’t real

45 Christmas Text Message Ideas That You Can Send To Everyone In Your Life

The holiday season is a time of love and gratitude, and specifically, on Christmas and New Year, people feel inclined to send heartfelt wishes to the people they love and ones they may not have spoken to in a while. For some, sending heartfelt wishes is as easy as pie, for others, it might be a struggling figuring out what to say. For those that need an extra jump, we’ve compiled a few Christmas text messages you can send to your family, friends, colleagues, religious and professional leaders.

Vajacials Are What You Need For Your Ingrowns, Here's Everything You Need To Know About Them

A facial is a skin care treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and soothes the skin. Simply put the term ‘Vajacial’ is a play on words. It means vagina facial. It’s basically pampering your vulva with products to soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Now I know what you’re thinking. Vulvas and vaginas are not the same thing so why is it called a vajacial and not a vulvacial. The answer is that vajacial sounds better and draws more people in. Silly. We know. “Women need to understand that vajacials are pe

I'm An Assistant Editor At And Here's What's On My Watchlist This Week

I have a confession… I’m a bit of a film addict. That’s what happens when both your parents introduce you to various movie genres before you can attempt to sit up on your own. Movies (and books) for me are a sort of release from the difficulties of life and an escape from the normalness of our universe. They let me travel between worlds and visit places I really can only dream of. So, I try to spend more than half my time either reading or watching movies(being an adult makes this really hard lo

106 Wildly Intense Things To Say During Sex

Not everyone talks during sex. Sometimes the pleasure is so much we become temporarily incapable of speech. Other times it could be because we don’t know what to say or we’re not sure how to say what it is we want to say. Maybe it doesn’t feel natural to you or it makes you uncomfortable. Sex, in African countries and even the western world, is, for the most part, a taboo subject, so it is completely normal to be uncomfortable when voicing your sexual needs. “In general, talking about sex, our

A Letter To My Present Self

Let’s start this off with- I am proud of you. I know no one says this to you and I know you don’t remember ever hearing it and I know you think you don’t need it but I am saying it- I am very proud of you. You’ve taken shitty shitty situations and made them what they are today. You still make a lot of mistakes. You’re still learning but I am proud of the woman you are today. You have grown so so so so much. You’re no longer waiting for some “saviour” to come and fix your life. You’ve accept

Stop Telling People That They've Lost Or Gained Weight, Here's Why

It is somewhat human to say the first thing that comes to mind when you see something different than what you’re used to or something that shocks you. Still, unsolicited comments and opinions, more often than not, can be hurtful when it has to do with another person’s body image. My entire life I have been pretty average-sized. Never too small and never too big. My weight has fluctuated a lot, I’ve been smaller, I’ve been bigger but it has always been firmly in the middle range. However, in the

Why Is My Skin So Dry Even When I Moisturize?

Dry skin is just as common as oily or sensitive skin, even more common than you might think. The way you care for your sensitive skin is not the same way someone with dry skin would care for theirs. Dry skin usually needs more hydration than other skin types. Though you may not ordinarily have dry skin, it could end up occurring because of cold or dry weather, sun damage, harsh soaps, and so much more. Dry skin is easy enough to treat but if your skin remains dry even after intense moisturizing

22 Lessons From A 22-Year-Old In 2022

Twenty-two years on the planet is a pretty short time but it’s long enough for a person to change, grow and evolve. It’s long enough to have memories cling to you and to have experiences that have shaped who you are. I feel like my experiences have aged me two times my natural age. They’ve shaped how I see the world and the way I interact with it. I’ve had to learn and relearn things, parent and reparent myself, fall, fall again and pick myself up. I am now in a place where things aren’t perf

What Is A Stage 5 Clinger And 29 Signs You Are One

The word ‘clingy’ isn’t new to the multiverse. Even pre-teens know that word well. According to the Collins dictionary, a clingy person is overly dependent on and attached to other people. Clinginess does get a bad rap, but there are certain ways to deal with it. You can learn appropriate separation techniques and boundaries that tend to yield good results. But if you have ever heard someone refer to you as a stage 5 clinger then you might have an even bigger problem. If you happen to be a pic

What Is A "Pick-Me Girl" And 5 Signs You're One

The ‘pick me girl’ is exactly that; a girl who wants to be picked…by men. They intentionally try to show that they’re not like “other women” and go out of their way to diss traditionally feminine things and most women’s issues. They create in themselves the image of the type of girl most men want. It’s easy enough to spot a pick-me girl. She’s usually surrounded by men, tending to their needs or doing her best to come off as the perfect ‘wife’ material for them. You Claim You’re Not ‘Like Othe
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