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5 Sex Positions To Try If Your Partner Has A Smaller Penis

It’s a misconception that women prefer men with larger dicks. Another misconception is that the average dick size is about 6-inches long and everything below that is small. Let’s clarify these misconceptions here and now. One, most women don’t care if a man has a small penis or not, as long as the men can work it, the women are good. The average dick size is in the range of 5-5.5 inches. Anything above that is large. However, some men have insecurities about their size and their ability to pleas

21 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Fully Committing To The Relationship

If you’re a few months into dating that special someone or you’ve been in it for a year or more now, you may be thinking of taking the next step with commitment. I mean you’ve done it all: you’ve been on a billion dates, you’ve met their friends, their family, you’ve stayed over a few times, you may even be living together so, ideally, it makes sense that you are ready cross that line. Deciding to fully commit to a relationship is a big decision and before you do it’s important to make sure you

What Is The Red Nail Theory And Does It Truly Work?

Much like Vabbing, the red nail theory suggests that red nails are more likely to draw a man’s attention than any other nail colour. Robyn DelMonte, better known for her handle @girlbosstown was the first person to bring this to light. Now various women are making TikTok’s explaining whether or not it’s true for them. What Is The Red Nail Theory? Early this year @girlbosstown made a TikTok explaining how she noticed that each time she had red nails she attracted more attention from men. She sh

Rihanna Is Dropping A New Single On Friday And We’re Not Sure How To Act

It’s been six years. Six years too long since Rihanna released an album and it’s been two years since we heard her voice in anything ( referencing the itsy part she had in “Believe It” with PARTYNEXTDOOR). She’s kept us fed with her fashion and beauty line FENTY but we would be lying if we say we are not ecstatic to share that she will be releasing a new single tomorrow the 28th called “Lift Me Up”. Not only is the world turning on its heels with that news BUT this song will also be part of the

Why Do I Keep Having Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are more common than most women know. Our vaginas don’t like a lot of things. They’re very picky and they need us to treat them with care. As common as yeast infections are, they are also pretty easy to cure and go away within a few days of taking the proper medication. However, sometimes this infection comes back and for some women, they just never stop. Keep reading to find out why that could be happening. Yeast infections or vulvovaginal candidiasis are fungal infections tha

What is Skin Cycling and Does it Really Work? Dermatologists Answer

Heads up! There’s a new skin care trend on the block. TikTok skincare enthusiasts swear that this routine is unlike many of the routines out there. It’s called skin cycling. If you’re wondering, at this point, whether or not, this is fluff. It isn’t. Skin cycling is dominating social media for good reason. It works. And unlike most viral trends that have no base to it, this one was introduced and technically created by a dermatologist- Dr Whitney Bowe M.D. Skin cycling is a four-night skincare

What To Eat After An Abortion For Fast Recovery

Abortions happen for so many reasons. Sometimes, especially in pregnancies with medical complications, abortions might be necessary to save the life of the woman. No matter the reason why you’ve had an abortion, it takes care, time and patience to recover. But there are certain things can help make that recovery a little easier and faster. Read on to learn more on symptoms, care, as well as, what to eat after an abortion for fast recovery. Common Symptoms One May Experience After An Abortion •

13 Movies On Netflix That Scream Black Girl Power

When women make power moves, people pause. When black women make power moves, for a split second, the world stops. You stop. There’s an infinite amount of movies that depict the power a woman can hold. You feel it through the screen and you marvel at the actress that made you feel ALL of that. At some point in every black woman’s life, the absence of representation has probably made you feel less alone than you can properly express. So when you see a black woman on screen make those moves you on

12 Non-Negotiables Necessary For A Healthy Relationship

Every new relationship goes through the honey moon phase. And it’s this time, it’s somewhat the norm for women to ignore their needs and intentionally blind themselves to their partner’s red flags, assuming it can be dealt with it after a strong emotional connection has been established. This is usually the beginning of the end. There are certain things you shouldn’t compromise or settle for especially at the start of a relationship because, the beginning, more often than not, sets the pace for

8 Myths About The Vagina That Are Simply Not True

If you would like to make a room full of people uncomfortable, say one word, “vagina”. Better yet, ask them to say it. The vagina has been such a taboo topic for so long. Not only is the word largely seen as offensive, the organ itself is shrouded in so much myth that it leaves women questioning their body, and self esteem more often than not. People are only now starting to discover what exactly is true and what isn’t and even with that there’s still a long way to go. Believe it or not, once up

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